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Dr. Annette Cannon

I love being your Coroner in Jefferson County!

These past three years have been unimaginably busy, and we have accomplished so much good for our office, Jefferson County, and you, our constituents.

I truly love being on this side of getting things done. To me, there is also something very special about keeping commitments, along with being a custodian for the deceased, and a custodian of justice. Being your Jefferson County Coroner and serving you has been my greatest honor!


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Drug Overdose Prevention, Education, and Awareness 

I recently was offered an opportunity as the Jefferson County Coroner to participate in some Overdose Prevention videos. A fellow board member on the RETAC (Regional Emergency and Trauma Advisory Council) had connected me with a person named Pamela Gould, MPH. Pamela is a Certified Prevention Specialist with Jeffco Public Health. She asked if I could record a few video clips from a coroner’s point of view regarding overdose prevention and to address overdose deaths in Jefferson County. Of course, I accepted, and she came to my office with her camera. There are some very important messages in the videos.

Two videos were created, and both were placed on two different websites. The videos are geared towards teens, but have valuable resources and information for adults also. May 10 has been declared as National Fentanyl Awareness Day! With that in mind, the videos were released to the public on that day.

Please take a few moments to watch and then share them with everyone you know (children, grandchildren, neighbors, friends, groups, organization, etc.) They are not specific to Jeffco, so please share freely. You can also forward this article if you like. I am including the links, but you can also watch below from this email. and

Please help me in my efforts to prevent overdoses and overdose deaths in Jefferson County.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and who has donated. It is appreciated and I am grateful.

I was elected in 2018, and have been serving as your Jefferson County Coroner, and am now running for Re-election in 2022. I want to share a little bit about my position as Coroner. I am a dedicated, ethical, and compassionate person in whatever I do. I have led the Jefferson County Coroner’s office for the last 3 ½ years, during very turbulent, unprecedented times, to reach a higher level of professionalism and to gain recognition, not only among other coroner offices in Colorado and the US, but here locally in JeffCo among our communities and the citizens.


I have guided my team through mass fatalities, such as the I-70 disaster and through the two-year (+) COVID-19 pandemic, providing safety, stability, and a high level of ethics in a time of increasing mass fatality death numbers, and increasing demands and pressure from the public and the media. I have fought since day one for equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout my entire career, and I continue to do so today for the coroner staff. I also obtained hazard pay for my staff during the pandemic and testified before the house committee to gain specialized trauma/mental health services for all coroner staff, and testified on the Fentanyl overdose bill. I continue to work to help prevent drug overdoses in our communities, address fatality rates, and to prevent suicides, child fatalities, domestic violence, and elder abuse.

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